Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle!!!
When I chat on mIRC I like to hang around in #wiggle.
Everyone is there for the same reason....FUN!

DaMama.... Got To Love Her!

This is DaMama! She is Canadian and can usually be found in #wiggle.
OH yeah,
and she's the
best darn hairdresser
on mIRC.

Emerald1...... slow down!! Rome wasn't built in a day!

Let me introduce to the hardest working lady on mIRC! I tried to get her to send her kids to me , but she said "NO!"
Emmie - send me rug rat pics!

This is Summer,..
I call her Hypergurl....
She has a beautiful singing voice and is a
very intelligent chatterbox. Not enough room for her bio!

Hyper! Hyper! Hyper!....LOL....LOL....LOL!!!=)

Say hello to Kahlan. This spunky college student is a former dance teacher, choir member, woodwind playing chick from Tennessee!

ch-kahlan.jpg (27929 bytes)

Well.......Helloooooooooooooooooooooo there!

Say hello to G-Man. He is a really great guy we have met. Doesn't chat anymore, but his spirit is here. He can change dirty diapers in a single bound.

Take the bleeping picture already!

This is Acidburn, He is from Germany, he can tear apart a computer and put it back together in a FLASH!

Well.......if it isn't Tweety_01!
She loves to hang out with her friends and listen to music, as well as swim and skate! That is...... when she's not chatting.

I can't stop laughing...........Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...infinity

This is Shana^ & Mtn^man. They live in Georgia. He is into the outdoors, & she is into plants and cooking. The rest of this web site is about them. sheesh!

Please.......someone........turn down the sun!

Looks like a good day for a tailgate party to us!

This is Nikki^ & Summer partying in Tampa, Florida. Nikki^ stayed with us a while this summer...I miss her!

Words cannot describe me!

Say hello to
Stroumph^. He is from France. We call him frenchie, also. He likes to hang out in the bots. Nice, but quiet.

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I tend to delete things I do not recognize.
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