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Tina and Erin Miss Kitty!!! Store at Dallas Highway and Ridgway RD west of Marietta

This is yours truly and Erin!!!!
Erin is a really good friend of
mine. We used to work at the same store....But, I don't know
why they had to split us up!   
Perhaps we were having too much fun making faces and just generally trying to have to good of a time!

This is Miss Kitty.
She showed up when the store in West Marietta was being built.  Everyone fell in love with her.   She is their oldest employee and has been there longer than any of the humans.  I used to
tell everyone - -
"She is the boss!"

    Pike Nursery is finally online!!! Yeah!
Visit this site to learn more about what we do. Job opportunities, maps to locations, advise, community happenings, and a whole lot more good stuff!

Butterfly!!!           Play in the dirt .................... Again!          Butterfly!!!

Last Summer I was transferred to one of our Exterior Wholesale Divisions.  Our purpose is to provide quality landscape material to local Landscapers and Contractors.  It is really a change of pace for me, considering I am used to working retail and really moving around. Now I just move back and forth!  From the office to the front to the office, and so on, and so on, etc.   I never really was one to sit still all day long, anyway.
Do you want to see a huge weeping cherry?

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