2 Cartons Parmalat Chopped Italian Tomatoes
1 Carton Parmalat Crushed Tomatoes
2 Lbs. Hot Italian Sausage Bulk Or Link
         (If Link Peel Skins Before Cooking)
3 Large Cloves Garlic Crushed Or Chopped
1 Lb. Fresh Sliced Mushrooms
1 Medium Onion Chopped (In Large Pieces)
Cup Fresh Chopped Parsley
Cup Fresh Thyme Leaves (Loosely Packed)
Cup Fresh Chopped Oregano Leaves
Cup Fresh Chopped Basil Leaves
15 Oz. Sargento Ricotta Cheese
10 Oz. Low Moisture Mozzarella-Shredded
5 Oz. Aged Parmesan Cheese Fine-Shredded Or Shaved
8 Oz. Package Lasagna Noodles

Note: fresh herbs are the difference in this recipe, lasagna will still taste heavenly with dried herbs, but fresh herbs will make it to die for.  You use three times more fresh herbs than dried herbs. This recipe shows amounts of fresh herbs above. Use less for dried herbs.

Cook sausage in skillet until cooked thoroughly, breaking meat into small chunks while cooking. Add onions and garlic midway into cooking and mushrooms after onions are cooked. When meat is finished cooking add of your herbs and simmer for 5 minutes. Drain grease.
In a large sauce pan or stew pot combine all tomatoes and remainder of herbs. Heat slowly stirring occasionally. As soon as mixture steams, add meat mixture. Bring mixture to a bubbly boil and reduce to simmer. Simmer for several hours adding water as necessary to prevent sauce from pasting.
In a separate mixing bowl, add 2 cups sauce mixture to the 15 oz. Ricotta cheese and stir until well mixed.

Now you should have 2 sauces, a big pan and little bowl. Now you are ready to layer the lasagna.
In a 13" x 9" pan, cover bottom of pan with " marinara sauce. Then place a layer of lasagna noodles (uncooked). Now for the cheese! Layer cheesy marinara over the noodles and top with a generous layer of shredded mozzarella. Lightly sprinkle a thin layer over the Parmesan. Then cover with " marinara sauce. Then repeat layers starting with noodles until pan is full. Usually 2 or 3 layers. Cover with foil.
If baking in a conventional oven, pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Then turn oven to 350 degrees after placing lasagna inside. If baking in a convection oven place lasagna inside and set oven timer for 35 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Lasagna improves with age. If refrigerated for 24 to 48 hours, flavors will intensify. If not using hot Italian sausage, add tsp. (more or less) crushed red pepper to meat mixture with other herbs, do not breathe fumes, peppers will tend to burn eyes and nose if their steam is inhaled.


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