Sex In A Pan


1 2/3 cup Chocolate Wafer Crumbs
1/2 cup Butter
1/4 Cup Sugar
1 Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar (or 1 semi sweet sq. of  bakers chocolate)
1 Pkg. Instant Chocolate Pudding
1 Pkg. Instant Vanilla Pudding
1 Large Container of Cool Whip
1 Cup Confectioners Sugar
1  8oz. Tub Philly Cream Cheese
3 Cups Milk

Melt butter, add to wafer crumbs and sugar. Press into a 9" X 13" greased pan. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Set aside to cool. 

Put chocolate and vanilla pudding in a bowl with 3 cups cold milk. Beat for about a minute and set aside. This mixture will thicken on its' own.

Mix the confectioner's sugar and softened cream cheese together until smooth. Spread thin mixture over the crumb crust. Then layer half of the cool whip on top.
After this, pour all of the pudding mixture over the cool whip, then the rest of the cool whip on top of that.

Grate the chocolate and sprinkle overt the top. Refrigerate overnight.
Serve and listen to the sounds of mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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