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I Created this page to show off the pets that take care of all my friends! 

Heather's Kitty - Cinnamon Heather's Brother's Dog

Cinnamon is Heather's cat!
Summer's Place


This is a  young V.J. he belongs
to Matt, Heather's brother.

They are mine..All mine Don't touch 'em! Is it too much to ask for a little privacy?

This is Hercules!
He likes his teenie beanies!

This is Zeus, hanging!
I think he just likes being weird!

These cute kitties care for a friend called EvilMe.


Raley -- named after the water ski trick This is Raley.   He belongs to one of Greg's longest and best friends from childhood, John.   Raley gets to live on the lake, so he has things pretty good.  Ahh, yes.  To sleep and dream of chasing cats and squirrels.
Raley -- Is This A Watchdog or What!!! John says he likes to hang out on top of the house.  I told him that I wanted a photo for the page and Raley gladly obliged.  What a great lookout position!!!

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