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Welcome to my gardening page

I have always worked with plants or flowers in one way or another. Over the years I have developed a deep love and interest for all things botanical. I plan on having gardening tips and set up some really cool web links........................
Inchworm ... Inchworm ..................

This is a really good place to visit in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

If you visit this link be sure to check out the Day Butterfly Center and the Sibley Horticultural Center. If you are a Veggie and Herb lover visit Mr. Cason's Vegetable Garden. They also have nature trails, Golf courses and a couple of good home cooking type restaurants. The Buick Golf Classic is held there every year. Oh yeah and they have a light show extravaganza in the park every Thanksgiving through January. Check it out!

A really cool site with thousand of links to information and products

The following link has over 117 different varieties of coleus posted!

If you ever find yourself in Atlanta with a free half day or so, check
Out the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Included there are a Japanese garden, Water garden, Rose garden, and a lot more.......Check It Out!!

Pike Family Nursery -- OF COURSE!

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The SouthEastern Flower Show

Happy Little Birds!

SouthEastern Flower Show


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