J. C. (a.k.a. Just A Canine ..... Or Just Crazy)

J.C. in the back yard............What's that I hear? J.C. Puppy chewing a stick in the front yard
J.C. is our newest addition.  We got him at the Cherokee County, GA Humane Society. He appears to be a Border Collie, Sheltie and Curly tail dog mix .

J. C. brings back a stick ... Note the Ice   Please come play with me!!!!!!
J.C. loves to play and burn energy.  He goes after sticks, and is very good with a Frisbee.  The boy could catch that Frisbee at 6 months.  Here is a short movie of J.C. catching a Frisbee.  He will stop to catch his breath in this close-up one.  They are around 1 MB each.

Tina with J.C. and his brothers -- can you spot J.C.!!! That focus is showing at a young age J.C. attacks Tina ... Get 'em boy!!!
J.C. in the backyard   J.C. chewing on a stick   J.C. in puppy sleep on the bed
These photos show him at about two months old.

A momentary break in the action...

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