1st Anniversary Geocache -- SOAP?

My Tribute to Geocaching's First Anniversary is also an ammo box.
The coordinates are N 33 55.169'  W 84 29.079'.

This cache is a tribute to the first anniversary of the first Geocache. Many thanks to Dave Ulmer in Oregon and to Jeremy. The Primary Waypoint is the parking area at N33 56.282' W84 26.602'. It is around .35 miles to the cache from the Primary Waypoint. $2 are needed for parking (there is some cash in the cache). Do not park on the road, you may cause an accident and there are many no parking signs. Good Luck and Good Hiking!

The cache is an old army ammo box. It is hidden in an area of heavy trees, so the GPS tends to wander in, out and around. It is not too hard to see when you get there, and is at the base of a large tree with some debris around it. Be careful not to move the debris since it helps to hide the cache. A piece of wood sits on top; you can move it to get the cache and place it back on top when you are done. From the cache, you can go another 500 yards to the NE to the Marietta Paper Mill Ruins from the Civil War. It is kind of neat. Happy One-Year Anniversary to Geocaching.
There are many trails here, use the Primary Waypoint to get back to your car if you get lost. DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD!

By the way, when you get there you will discover what SOAP means... my gift to the successful Geocacher.

Good Hiking! mtn-man (Greg)

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