Kennesaw Mtn. Geocache 2

My Geocache 2 is also an ammo box. Coordinates are N 33 58.474'  W 84 34.969'. It is WELL HID. It is located in the Kennesaw Mtn. National Battlefield Park near Marietta, GA. Maps of the area are available at The hike is 1.3 miles one way and is very steep in places, unless you ride to the top (road closed on the weekends except for bus). You will still need to stay on the trail until you are around 50 feet away. It is hidden in some rocks, and you need to go slightly downhill off trail to get to it. There is an old piece of wood covering it. Move the wood to get to the Geocache, and replace it when you are done. There are many hikers through here, so cover it back up well. Most noted reward is the "Hiker Kennesaw Mtn. Historical Trail" patch. I would ask that Geocachers take the patch only if you walk up from the Visitor Center on Stilesboro Road, or from the parking area on Burnt Hickory Road (in other words, you need to earn it!). There are two types of postcards that give some history of "The General" train in Kennesaw. Bring some water with you, and enjoy the view!

NOTE: Be good hikers, this is a historical area.
Cheatham Hill, Pigeon Hill, Little Kenn. and Kennesaw Mtn. are full of history. Many men died here for their country. The "Earthworks" are fragile; disturbing them causes irreparable damage. Look... no climbing. All buildings, historic objects, geologic specimens, plants, and animals are protected by federal law. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. My dog (J.C.) is always on his leash when we hike.

Site of the 1864 Atlanta Campaign. Good Hiking!
mtn-man (Greg) and the puppymonster (J.C.)

Close up on the log book, camera and "treasure"  The coveted Kennesaw Mountain Hiker patch -- EARN IT!

mtn-man and J.C. on Little Kennesaw Mtn. J.C. and I invite you to find our Geocache out here in the Battlefield. We hike in the park quite often, so you may see us out there on the trail. (Say HI!)

Please look for it, just do not STEAL it!!!

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Photos of the cache, from slightly downhill looking N toward the trail.
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Geocache hidden in the mountain Geocache box uncovered