Greg and Tina's House of Cats and J.C.

Bart, Bartmonster, Bartman

Bubba, Bu-bbaaaaaaa, Bubby

Homey -- Homer -- Hey You Stupid Cat......Whatever works

Tigger, Tigamonster, Tiggah, Tiggerbaby

Tigger, Homey, Bart, and Bubba's Momma
Four out of five cats prefer the couch at this time.

Rascal and a half a Bart
A Tiny Bart Kitty and Rascal!!!

The following pages have photos of the cats that allow us to live with them in their house.

We also have links to our old friends, Rascal and Spike.
Rascal's page takes time to load, but he is worth the wait.

The J.C. and Tina sandwich.....and sleepy J.C.
J.C. -- New

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Bubba Homey Bart Tigger